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Marvel decides to release the full video for this abomination…

Fans of Jessica Jones will be familiar with her adoptive sisters former career as a pseudo celebrity. In the latest season we actually get to see a glimpse into that world when in Flash back we see Jessica attend the launch party for I Want Your Cray Cray, Trish’s just awful song. The song is designed to represent everything awful about the modern pop industry with its bad repetitive lyrics, over sensationalist of the talent and being all style with no substance, so if you hate it then well that’s OK, if you love it, well you may need to take a good hard look at your life and make better choices. Though for all the hate I am giving it Rachael Taylor pulls this off perfectly so seriously my hat’s off to her. If your interested then don’t worry there are not really any spoilers here, other than its awful, so ye sit back and view if you want and if you actually like this please tell me why.

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