Another Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg confirmed

Ever since its the release fans of the original Guardians of the Galaxy have been straining themselves to spot every possible Easter Egg. According to director James Gunn, there is still one massive one to be found, though recently a lone and extremely dedicated viewer discovered another little Easter Egg that snuck by everyone.

Dan here managed to notice that the language used by Rocket’s scanner is Skrull, not only that but it spells out Excelsior. In response James Gunn had this to say:

So yes the big Easter Egg has still to be discovered but on the whole this is very important to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It means that the Skrull’s have been involved in the universe since earlier phases and lays the ground work for Captain Marvel, which is due out next year. Either way this fans keen eyes have really impressed me and also renewed my interest in trying to spot all the Easter Eggs.

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