Calm down Rick and Morty has not been cancelled

drnzblgclnsjvrbp7r6e.pngI would have wrote something about this sooner but honestly I did not feel it was worth writing. Sadly everyone else seems to be giving in so feck it, here’s to peer pressure. Over the weekend on St Patrick’s of all day’s a “fan” decided to tweet Dan and demand he finish working on season 4 of the series. (Before we get into this I should point out, demanding this sort of thing hardly ever works, demands only work when you have something of value to offer, our twitter user has nothing.) In response Dan had this to say:

Adult swim have not cancelled the show they simply have not renewed it yet, why?

Maybe they know its a cash cow and don’t want to rush it – Venture Bros has only had six seasons and its ran from 2003 till 2016, Adult Swim want to keep their writers happy and want them to put out good high quality material. Lets face it one bad season can tank a shows reputation and cause the fans to turn away from it. Two more facts worth mentioning are:

  1. There where the rumors the show wasn’t going to air its next season till 2019, just like Game of Thrones.

  2. Run the Jewels, who are headlining the Adult Swim Music festival just released a music video made by the Rick and Morty team. this is not the action of a show that is over.

You all need to take into consideration that Rick and Morty is a show that has high animation standards and a very complex story line, one that the writing team has put a lot of effort into.

Of course there is always the chance that Dan is just trolling an annoying fan and this is all a great way to get buzz going.

Either way I doubt this is the end of Rick and Morty.rick-and-morty-1-768x432


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