Avengers Infinity War Trailer Break Down

Oh Disney you absolute tease, why can you not hurry up and release Infinity War already. So here is some of the little details that really stood out to me.

av1 The latest trailer kicks off with a slow pan of new York, at least that’s what I assume it is, then as it fades to Black we hear Gamora speak when she begins to fill someone in on who her adoptive father is and why they need to prevent him from obtaining the Infinity stones.

Untitled.pngOne thing I nearly missed, War Machine appears to be walking again.

av2I am beginning to wonder, does Peter officially not care about his secret identity, or is there something that we are not seeing here?

av3 This is our first look at one of Tony’s new suits in action, this one seems to have some enhanced flight capabilities.

av4 And it looks like Disney have acknowledged the love for their latest Disney Princess

av5 Tony finally meets someone with a bigger ego than his (Joke intended)

av6 Not sure what is happening here but I will tell you this, its electrifying ! Plus it is nice to see this newly powered up Thor in action.

av7A younger Thanos in his classic helmet

av8 It seems to be the first meeting of Thanos and Gamora

av9 I guess this is #TeamThanos

av91 In the original Infinity War we saw a brief shot of Loki holding the Tesserect it seems that this is the follow up shot…

av92Star Lord and Dr Strange doing a little combo attack, so why can Star Lord not use his jet boosters to fly?

av93It seems that Dr Strange has met his match…

avvSo far it seems this trailer does not show to much and helps keep a lot secret but I want to know will Shield, The Defenders or the Inhumans be playing a role in this film, after all this is an interconnected universe and it would be a massive waste if Marvel do not fully exploit that. Still I am looking forward to this movie.



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