Nerdgeist in Japan – The Cup Noodles Museum

If by chance you get to spend any time in Yokohama then the Cup Noodle Museum is a must see attraction, I know a lot of you will be thinking:

How interesting can a museum dedicated to Cup Noodles be?


Honestly I went in with that mindset myself and came out thinking it was one of the highlights from my visit to Tokyo and its surrounding areas.


Once inside the museum you will find multiple floors dedicated to Cup Noodles in all their glory. The first area you visit will be the gallery for past and present Cup Noodles, creating this odd but fascinating timeline, showing the evolution of this oh so delicious food.


Once that’s complete you will move into the theater where you will find out the origin of Cup Noodles, its surprisingly fascinating and inspiring. (The staff where very quick to supply us headsets so we where able to hear this is English, there are a variety of language offers so don’t worry if you do not speak Japanese)


The next level is what everyone comes here for, you get to make your very own cup noodle and customize its packaging.


After we completed our cups we moved on to the next areas, one is an interactive play area which we where just a little to old for, another was a section dedicated to making noodles from scratch but we where tight for time so we opted to move into their exhibit area. Here you could look at their creative thinking boxes, the Momofuku Ando Story (he is the genius behind cup noodles) and of course accurate recreation of the work shed where Chicken Ramen, the world’s first instant noodles, was invented


Trust me if you visit this museum you will come out feeling a inspired and probably a little hungry. (There is a noodle Bazaar but you need to go later in the day for that)


If you are wondering how to get there you can travel…

By Train
Minatomirai line
8 minute walk from the Minatomirai line Minatomirai Station
8 minute walk from the Minatomirai line Bashamichi Station

12 minute walk from the JR/Shieichikatetsu Sakuragicho Station

By Car
Kanagawa Route 1 Yokohane Line
5 minutes from the Minatomirai interchange

By Bus
Tourist spot round-trip bus Akai kutsu bus
Near to Kokusaibashi CUPNOODLES MUSEUM-mae stop

Minatomirai 100 yen bus
3 minute walk from World Porters stop
(The Minatomirai 100 yen bus runs only on weekends and holidays.)


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