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JUDAS #4 of 4

Warning this is going to be very spoiler heavy….

We are coming to the end of Jeff Loveness’s tale and it continues to move and even inspire me. Our story picks up from just after Judas leaps into the bowels of Hell itself to save his once friend and mentor Jesus. On his way he faces off several beasts all of which attempt to stop him but none dare follow for they know that as bad as where they are now it pales in comparison to what lies beyond them. Some of what we have to witness is truly horrifying, its not gory but there is a disturbing other worldly aspect to it that helps show us what Hell is truly like, though in the end Hell is more than a place its an idea and in the idea we find Jesus trapped.

When they finally reunite Judas is filled with pity for his friend pity that gives way to forgiveness and then understanding. One thing that blew my mind about this issue is the flash back to God commanding Abraham to kill his son and linking that into God sacrificing his own son, its makes you believe that it was all foreshadowing. Strange how that never occurred to me…

The book moves on from there to Judas and Jesus swapping places when Judas comes to believe that he was sent to Hell to save Jesus from it and send him back. Once in Hell he would come serve a greater purpose than that on Earth, something he could never have fathomed.

As I have said before even if you are not religious you can appreciate this book, it holds themes of love and forgiveness but compared to that it has two far more appealing aspects, the first is the one I have already mentioned and that is we do not now what role we play in this world and we may never know it but we must still find out place in the story and the second is that even if the story is broken you can still believe in Jesus. So why is that important to me, well its because I am a Christian and some days I find myself ashamed to say that, because I get lumped into a category with the Westerbero Baptists, chauvinist pigs, child molesters, fools that ignore scientific facts, homophobic assholes and other people that never truly understood what Jesus taught which was that we should all just be good to each other. All the wars, the hate, the vileness and pointless bigoted anger, that was never part of Jesus teachings, it was something that came after.

A beautiful story and one whose artist, Jakub Rebelka, needs a lot of thanks for bringing to the pages. If you are looking something to make you think then this is the one for you.




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