Nerdgeist in Japan – A Morning in Nara

If you have been following us on Social Media you will have noticed that we are currently away from the United Kingdom and are travelling across Japan. This morning we kicked our trip off with a visit to Nara, specifically Nara city in the Nara prefecture.

First off this a lovely city and its far from the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities such as Okinawa and Tokyo, its got a laid back chilled feel to it and if you have a day to kill while visiting Japan its a great first step into Japanese Tourism. So I am sure plenty of you are asking yourselves, what’s so special about Nara?

Well other than its outstanding beauty Nara has 2 aspects that help differentiate it from its fellow cities and one of these is unique to Nara and Nara alone. The city has a population of tame spotted deer and I don’t mean 30 to 40, most recent numbers put them to well over 1000. They are very friendly and are more than eager to come see you, especially if you have some treats for them, these are affordable treats sold by local vendors. The best way to find these deer is to leave the railway station and start walking up hill to the local park. There are plenty of signs in Japanese and English so its very easy to find.

While you are in the park you may come across the 2nd hidden gem that Nara has. I say gem but its more like gems they have a collection of ancient shrines which are all UNESCO world heritage sites, these buildings are simply breathtaking to be around and its a very tranquil experience that is most rewarding.

On the way out of Nara we also came across these joys. The first is Coco Curry and if you are looking a fulfilling meal then this will not be one to disappoint. This is place is fantastic for first timers in Japan as they have menu’s in English and if you are terrible with chop sticks they will hand you a knife and fork.

Finally on the street towards the train station we found this Arcade which we had a real blast in. Sadly I was unable to win any Kirby toys or convince my partner to play some Dance Dance Revolution.

In the end Nara was the perfect way to begin our Japan adventure and I hope you all look forward to seeing what else we get up to.

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