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Life is so simple when we are young, there are the good guys and then there are the bad guys. But as we get older things become a little more confusing. We start to realize that good and bad are not only abstract ideas but they are lines that are easily and repeatedly cross. There is a certain loss of innocence lost that comes with growing up, it happens to us all, but as we become less naive to the world and its ways we begin to understand where we choose to stand in ideological debates and that is what the new issue of Power Rangers deals with.

The Rangers have discovered that their new allies are willing to cross a few lines to achieve their goals, which begins to make them wonder just how far will these new friends go. Now of course Grace and her organisation have not done anything evil, but they are of course operating in moral grey areas and have a ‘the ends justify the means’ view on life. But by the end of the issue we are starting to see a much darker look at what Grace is willing to do.

Of course before the Rangers have to take on this new threat they need to deal with a sheep themed Monster that would give Alex Jones a run for his money and its actually pretty funny. A great issue in a fantastic series, seriously cannot wait till the next one comes out.

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