10 of 2018’s lesser known gems

Obviously there are a lot of big releases for 2018, Black Panther, Avengers, Han Solo, the new Spider Man game are all going to be sure fire hits, which is why I made this list of 10 other upcoming titles that have strong support but may be missed by a some.

1.Mary Queen of Scots

A historical epic with a great cast this film will be telling the story of the titular queen and will starĀ  Saoirse Ronan as the Royal with Margot Robbie, David Tennant, Jack Lowden, Gemma Chan and Guy Pearce.Ā Based on John Guy’s biography My Heart Is My Own: The Life of Mary Queen of Scots the film will delve into the rather complex history of Mary and should be thrilling watch.

2.Ralph breaks the internet

If you have not seen the original Wreck it Ralph then you really need to check it out ASAP. The sequal will see Ralph and his band of misfits go online and interact with even more gaming and this time non gaming icons. I highly doubt anyone will miss this but I always felt Disney never gave Wreck it Ralph the credit it deserved when compared to the much beloved and in my opinion kind of overrated Frozen.

3.Darling in the FranXX

This Mecha series is being brought to us by Studio Trigger, the team behind KIll la Kill and Little Witch Academia. We honestly do not know much at this point in time but we can safely assume that it is going to turn certain tropes on its head, mix that with its gorgeous animation and we are all in for one hell of a treat.

4.Super troopers 2

I loved the original and to this day I still find myself quoting it, trying to squeeze Meow into every sentence, ordering a large Farva and threatening to pistol whip the next guy who said Shenanigans. Sadly I did not crowd fund this film and kind of wish I did but if this is half as good as the original I will be in more than satisfied.

5.Throne of Glass new book

Sarah J Maas is projected to bring out the latest part of her series in 2018. If you have not heard of this dark fairy tale then it is one worth reading. The books follow the trials and tribulations of a once proud assassin and her quest to find her place in the world. Beautifully written with great characters and some incredibly tense scenes these fantasy books are a must have for any nerds.

6.War Storm

The final part of the Epic Red Queen series this modern science fiction gem is another fantastic read, set in a world where Red Blooded humans are ruled over by an elite super powered cast of Silver Bloods one average red blooded girl disrupts the balance when she develops powers.

7.Mom and Dad

Technically this came out in 2017 but it gets its full word wide release in 2018. The films see’s a wolrd where one day all the parents try and kill their children for no apparent reason, to make matters worse Nic Cage plays a dad who goes full berserker mode and attempts to slaughter his helpless offspring. This films looks to be a very fun black comedy and Nic has to be perfect for the role.

One of my all time favorite bands, in fact I tend to have a yearly listen to their third studio Album every January. The Manics have announced a new album to come out this year. In the current political climate I really cannot wait to hear what the Welsh wonders have to say.

9.A Way Out

Are you into split screen gaming? Are you a fan of prison break? And are you looking for a challenge? Well folks this may be the game for you !

10. Poputepipikku

This surreal and crass manga/web comic is getting its TV debut and honestly, its definitely a change of pace from everything else on my list and is one that I am hoping you all enjoy too.

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