Altered Carbon to hit Netflix next year

Altered Carbon is Netflix new series, based on the best selling Cyberpunk book of the same name. It’s set 500 years into our future and both deal with a society that no longer needs to fear death. As all humans have the option now to stop aging or get new bodies. I mention this because the lead role is that of a Japanese/Hungarian man, which Joel Kinnaman is due to play, as you can see he does not have the aesthetic to play someone who is part Asian, so I am guessing this is not the man’s first body thus leading to him probably looking different (within the book it is explained that though we can stop aging its very expensive so most people just age out, die and get a new body, this could explain that). Setting all that aside I really want to give this show a chance partially because of the cast with James Purefoy on board and the massively underrated Dichen Lachman you know the acting talent will be there. As for the story, I am going to paraphrase L Ron Hubbard science fiction should be there to tell stories that may be possible, with how modern technology is progressing its not impossible to imagine a world where our species no longer needs to die. Netflix may be onto another hit with this show.

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