Blizzard reveals how to get your favorite Overwatch League Skins

For some people Overwatch is merely a game to play online with your buddies and a bunch of salty trolls, for others its a sport. As with any sport there are always teams and these teams each have a pretty hardcore fan base. This may not be for everyone and to those unfamiliar with the gamer scene this may seem a little weird, but yes there is an Overwatch League and it has teams, if you don’t believe me have a look below.

As with any established sport there are always going to be those who want to support their team and when you love your team you of course want to wear their colors. That is why Blizzard have had this novel idea to let League teams have custom skins that in turn their fans can purchase. Just like any other major sport, part of the money goes to the League and part goes to the participating teams.

Before you causal players worry, no these will not be available through Loot Boxes, so don’t worry about getting a skin that you are not interested in!

Team skins will be available for purchase using new League Tokens. These Tokens will both help to ensure that teams are being paid the correct amount for their merchandise, and allow players to buy the specific skins their digital heaerts desire.


Team skins will be available for fans to purchase starting in early 2018.

So what do you think, fun ideal to bring the community together or petty cash grab?


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