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What are Parademons ?

With Justice Leagues release almost upon us and my enjoyment in delving into Steppenwolf’s origins, I thought it best I look into the most well know Soldiers of Apokolips, The Parademons. Originally these where the most brutal inhabitants of Apokolips armed with dangerous weapons and powerful armour, though in recent years that has all changed and their origins have taken a darker turn. Though Darkseid is a dangerous and almost unstoppable foe he still needs an army to fight for him, with his uncle as General, an elite guard and master assassins filling out the top ranks, on the bottom he draws thousands of soldiers from Apokolips to fight conventional wars, but Darkseid does not willingly fight conventional wars, he likes to totally destroy his opponents and break them, that is where the Parademons come in to play. In the current continuum the Parademons are either remolded lifeforms or the processed corpses which Apokolips has harvested and processed from the various worlds and realities they’ve conquered. Imagine how messed up that would be, you would be having to fight and kill your own people, not only that but there is always the fear that they would take you too, take you and make you one of them, Psychologically it could break an army and force them into retreat.

Parademons don’t just have the psychological edge they also have a wide range of abilities. Parademon abilities include heightened strength and a high tolerance for pain (when some develop sentience they are known to enjoy being tortured). Apokaliptian armor grants them the ability of flight. Since the New 52 they also have fire breath, self detonation and transformation abilities; certain parademons can even convert victims into new Parademons. Setting all this aside the Parademons greatest strength is their numbers, they can easily overwhelm the most battle hardened enemies. Now will they be a good opponent for the Justice League in the upcoming movie, that remains to be seen, but I am hopeful that it does not turn into a CGI slug fest.

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