Blizzcon 2017 Announcemeants – What is changing in Warcraft

The Battle for Azeroth is the latest announcement for Blizzards flag ship World of Warcraft and its a true return to form. This is the first expansion to take things back to the old ways, the first expansion to do away with a big bad and have the Alliance and the Horde just fight each other, you know the way things used to be, #thewaywewere. For many of the original players, like myself, who have may drifted away over the years this may be the very thing that brings us  back into the fold. To fill you all in, after the events of Legion left the latest leaders of the Horde and the Alliance both dead, The Banshee Queen and Prince Anduin now rule their respective factions and tensions have never been higher. Gone is the reckless and ruthless Sylvannis now in her place is someone who truly loves her people, while in a stark contrast the naive and sweet young prince Anduin has been replaced by a bitter hardened man who wants to end the Horde at all costs.

One of the new features I love about this is the PVP opt in and opt out mode, yes at first I rolled my eyes at the thought of being able to turn PVP off, but to be honest I get why they did this, not everyone wants to play PVP and Blizzard when creating a massive war between two factions needs more PVP so for the story to progress more fluidly on all servers this change was necessary. Now readers if your thinking why the hell should I keep PVP on all the time, well you will be given bonuses for doing so and lets face it, who does not want a little bonus every now and again. The boys and girls from Blizzard have promised to ‘Make PVP Great Again!’ (This is a direct quote).

For you newbies thinking os starting or restarting there is plenty too offer including new allied races for each faction :




Queen Azshara will also be making a return, if you do not know she is, she is the Sorceress bitch that started all this crap, she is one of the most powerful creatures to have ever existed on Azeroth and the Queen under the sea is to be truly feared. Final reveal is one of the new Raids, which will be set inside a Titan quarantine facility called Uldir.
With so new races, old enemies, unexplored lands and hyper aggressive factions you might be wondering where to start. Well no worries Blizzard has you covered, you now can choose what continents to scale and level up on, if you want to skip Burning crusade content well you can do that and go straight to Northrend, this time round you do you, the game has evolved and changed with the times and I am kind of wanting to play again. Dam you Blizzard.

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