J-Con is coming to Dublin to improve your November

The first convention I ever worked was Eirtakon and every year since I started this site I went back, that’s why last year I was a little sad to see that Eirtakon was officially over. I had thought too myself no more weekends on November filled with cosplay, anime, gaming and candy (well no more outside of my home). Fortunately J-Con  has arrived on the Irish nerd scene to give us our November fix. On the site they have promised an exciting mix of : special guests coming from all over, exciting panel discussions,  some of the coolest artists, traders and craftspeople. And a few oddities too? Plus a lot of Cosplay

I absolutely love the Irish Nerd Scene, its so warm and opening, plus to our credit the cosplay has improved dramatically over the past few years, so this is an event that all you Nerds out there need to get down to. Dont forget it’s at  Croke park this weekend (11/11/17) and hope you all enjoy yourselves.

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