Blizzcon 2017 Announcemeants Overwatch brings us Moira

For some time the Overwatch community have been asking Blizzard to bring them a new support character and the Nerd Gods have rewarded us with the Celtic killer Moira. Moira is Talon’s answer to Mercy, she is a geneticist with few scruples that originally was brought into Blackwatch by Gabriel Reyes, not only that she was the one that turned him into the deadly Reaper, in fact if you look carefully at her right hand you will see its deformed possibley from her hand in creating Reaper. After the end of Overwatch and Blackwatch its only natural that she would gravitate towards Talon, though she is not technically evil her beliefs mesh well with Doomfist’s of improving humanity at all costs. Her abilities are truly unique, one hand heals while another kills, she drains energy from her enemies to pass onto her allies, to help escape tough situations she can even do a Reaper and quickly shadow away from any danger. Her secondary offensive ability is where she launches small balls that bounce off surfaces that either heal or kill and if that’s not enough her ultimate is like a Kamehameha only more brutal where is heals and kills all in its sight.  Finally as someone who hales from the Emerald isle I am very pleased to see an Irish character in Overwatch especially one that’s a villain, that will show everyone who think that we are all jolly drunks, see we can be just as scary and intimidating as the rest of ya ! (If you need another push to welcome this new red head to the game then you must know she also has a David Bowie inspired theme skin)


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