10 Things I still want from Stranger Things !

With Strangers things season 2 at its end I feel very satisfied with how everything wrapped up, Eleven might have a chance at a normal life, Will is finally free, Steve has grown a lot as a person, the boys all got their slow dance’s and Hawkins Laboratory seems like it is closed for good but that still leaves a few unanswered questions:

  1. What happened to Kali? – We know that she got away with mer mismatched allies but where did she go and what are they doing now? It seems strange that Kali would not appear again after all she was the opening to Season 2 and she then vanished and did not reappear until near the end of the season. 
  2. On the topic of Kali, are they any other numbers out there? We of course know 11 and we have seen 8 in Kali but that still leaves us wondering what happened with all the other numbers? 
  3. is Dr Brenner gone? Not only did Kali not accuse 11 of not looking hard enough but we had one of the old laboratory employees claim that Dr Drenner was still alive, does this mean that 11 will finally have a show down with Papa? 
  4. What are the consequences for those who went into the Tunnels? A lot of this seasons characters ended up in the Tunnels below Hawkins and two people in particular ended up taking a large does of upside down particles – Dustin and Hopper – fingers crossed that they are ok. But if they where going to bring the Upside down back its through these two characters that we could get something.
  5.  What about Hopper and Joyce? Is there any chance for a romance there or is it strictly platonic. After all we have seen them go through so much, we even know they have a history, as much as we loved Bob and come one who didn’t love the guy, Joyce falling for Hopper just seems more likely and plausible, shared grief, the Will – Eleven connection, the fact that both repeatedly get the shit end of the stick, but remain good people.
  6. What about Steve ? If you where ever looking proof at how good the writing is for Stranger Things its that in season 1 we where rooting for Johnathan and Nancy but by the end of season 2 we ended up not being sure if that is what  we really wanted. Steve has grown a lot and I would like to see him continue you to grow and move on, after all we dont need two assholes in town. 
  7.  What about Max and Billy? Max was the newest member of the team and hopefully someone eleven will warm up to but as for Billy, ye he was an asshole and one we quickly grew to hate, but we eventually got to see the source of his anger and he quickly made sense, I am hoping that season 3 will see some development here and possible growth from both sides, also I think Billy may be a racist so lets hope he resolves that issue. Though Billys Actor had this to say – “I think he feels threatened,” he explained. “These male figures in his life, whether it’s Lucas, Steve, his dad, whoever these different characters that embody his world are… if Max is that one constant, he knows he needs to drop off and look after [her]. If any of these characters object with that person and his relationship with that person, it’s a threatened kind of behavior…Lucas, unfortunately, [becomes] a target, and I don’t think it’s about race.” Maybe he does not want to be seen as Racist in this climate or maybe he is right and thinks that his character is overly protective of his little sister, in a twisted way. Though there could  be more to his sexuality too. 
  8. What about Karen and Ted Wheeler? We see a lot of Mike and Nancy but very little of their parents, their father seems uninvolved and their mother comes off as bored. The only time we see anything remotely interesting from their parents this season is when we see Karen blatantly flirting with Billy. Maybe the Wheeler’s may end up in a divorce next season leading to more problems for Mike and Nancy. 
  9. Is there anything more to the Murray Bauman story? Bauman was a former journalist turned conspiracy theorist. He was instrumental in taking down the Laboratory and I wonder is this story over or is there more to the conspiracy. Played by the always hilarious Brett Gelman is was great to see him appear in a more serious role than we are used to seeing him in. 10. Is the Mind Flayer gone or is it going to come back? Are we officially done with the upside down or are we going back? 

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