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Netflix brings us Scorpion season 3

As Scorpions forth season began airing a month ago I was pleased to see that Netflix finally brought us the third, this will let me catch up at a terrifyingly quick pace. In the series Scorpion operate as private contractors and are used as the last line of defense against complex and unusual high-tech threats across the world. The team is made up of a diverse group of geniuses each with a diverse set of skills and unique experience, that set them apart. The team consists of a genius with an IQ of 197, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist, an expert engineer and what they describe as a human calculator, along with their support in the form of Paige who helps relate the outside world to them and their Government contact played by the T-1000 himself Robert Patrick.  Our geniuses are forced to deal with problems stemming from the extraordinary to the mundane, weather it be helping the United States Government or some private company you know its going to be entertaining.Scorpion can is pretty ridiculous, over the top, full of action and in the end its fun, Scorpion is fun and weirdly enough filled with some of the oddest facts I have ever heard, check it out and if you want  a little more see our interviews with some of the cast of scorpion below.

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