X-men to get darker in The New Mutants

I dont know how I managed to miss this project but the fact that the X-men franchise is on its 11th feature is just astounding. Another possible astounding tale is The New Mutants, this film, see what I did there. The tone of this movie sets it miles apart from the other X-men films, gone are the one liners, over the top action and tight leather outfits, here is a stripped down film that looks like it could be utterly terrifying. Not only is the tone less light hearted but like Logan this films seems to be more heavily character driven. I have to say Fox may be making the wisest choices when it comes to their super hero movies. To make this film more enticing they have a great young cast full of talented actors, Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch), Charlie Heaton (Stranger things and of course the always awesome Maisie Williams – at this point if we need to tell you who she is then we are going to totally stick you with the pointy end.

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