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Sixpack and Dogwelder: Hard Travelin’ Heroz #1 Comic Book Review

I really do not know how to even begin describing this rag tag bunch of, I wanna say heroes but I am going with degenerate freaks and misfits. Sixpack and the DogWelder:Hard Travelin Heroz is a comic book series that follows the adventures of DC Comics Z-list hero team, a team I actually had never heard of until this week and they are the infamous Section 8!


Lead by the drunken Sixpack, a man whose power is dubbed super alcoholism…, and returning with Bueno Excellente the Super Pervert,Sixpack has formed a new team consisting of; a possible demon lord, a pile of internal organs, a new Dogwelder (he welds dead dogs to evil doers) and God knows what else, with this motley crew Sixpack is on his crusade to make the world a better place. The only problem is the guys are pretty useless…

I really cannot tell you much about this issue because frankly I have no clue about it, I do not know where it’s going to go but there is nothing quite like it. Honestly the issue reads like a FUBAR version of the dirty thirty – the Mystery Men. In this weirdness lies the brilliance of Garth Ennis, you may have heard of him as he worked on Preacher, 2000 AD, Judge Dread, Hellblazer, The Authority and The Boys to name but a few. With a unique framing device and the talent to make it shine this comic book series could really be something special, honestly I never thought i’d see DC create something like this but I am truly glad that they have and I look forward to reading more of it.

So if you wanna see a bunch of failed drunken degenerate misfit heroes come face to face with their past sins then this will be the comic series for you.

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