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Kong Of Skull Island #1 (Of 6) Comic Book Review

A few of you might have heard of King Kong as he is somewhat famous. The character has become one of the world’s most famous movie icons; having inspired countless sequels, remakes, spin-offs, imitators, parodies, cartoons, books, comics, video games, theme park rides, and even a stage play. So yeah he is literally and figuratively a big deal. Created by Merian C. Cooper, this creature has evolved from a monstrous force of nature to a tragic anti-hero. With Boom! Studios releasing this amazing mini-series; my recent adventures on the new Kong Ride in Universal Studios Florida and the new film coming out, it seems that the universe is pointing me in the direction of all things Kong, so I couldn’t miss a chance to review this prequel series to the initial story.


For the uninitiated Skull Island is the home of Kong, but it was not always so, this series tells the story of two fractured and combative civilizations who are forced to band together with their ape allies as they venture onto Skull Island. Against their wills they are being forced to live now on the Island. Skull island is more than an intimating name as it’s a terrifying place and if you’re thinking that lions, tigers and bears are bad then this isn’t the place for you, the words prehistoric hell hole come to mind when speaking of Skull Island. In the original film and its remakes the gigantic Kong was forced to battle the dreaded Tyrannous Rex.


James Asmus who you might know from his work on All-New Inhumans, has crafted a tale full of mysticism, politics, exotic locations and of course giant gorillas.

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