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Green Lanterns Rebirth #2 (2016) Comic Book Review

For the past 16 years I have been a massive fan of the Green Lanterns series, mostly for what it stood for because out of all the heroes he was truly unique. If you take a few moments to just think about it and have a look below:

*Superman – Alien from another world

*Wonder Women – Origin varies but she is a daughter of the mythical Amazons

*Shazam – Earth’s mightiest mortal is a boy given the powers of some of legends greatest figures

*Batman – He is a playboy billionaire, ninja, genius and world’s greatest detective

*The Flash – He is the fastest man alive

*Green Arrow – He is another playboy billionaire and is trained to be the world’s greatest archer

*Aquaman – He is the King of Atlantis

*Cyborg – He is half man and half machine

These are some of DC Comic’s biggest heroes and they are all amazing in their own right but none of them are the every man type as they all have something that makes them special and kind of difficult to relate to. This is where Green Lanterns is unique, they are regular Joes thrown into this crazy situation where they are given God like powers and told that they are the police force for this sector of the universe. That’s the beauty as anyone with enough will power can be a member of the Green Lanterns Corps. But when I say anyone I do not mean any man or women, I mean any sentient creature in the universe can be a lantern so the series has let us see the every man from other cultures and helps create this interesting outsider perspective that most other series cannot create.


The Rebirth series of The Green Lanterns is interesting as its chosen heroine is a shy introvert who didn’t leave her house for 3 years, you’re probably thinking how can this women be a hero? Just pick up the comic book and don’t be so lazy as you will learn all inside. I do not want to make this a thing but it’s a nice touch not only is our newest corps member a women but she is also not white, these two distinctions are both little and major changes which help diversify the DC Universe landscape without changing a beloved character. Getting off topic a little but I have no problem with a character’s ethnicity being changed as long as the core concepts are kept right but maybe it’s better to bring someone new into a series. In this way it helps keep the series new and fresh, once again I know you can argue the case for Superman, Batman and Wonder Women but with both the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight receiving sons and Wonder Women gaining a new origin there isn’t much else you can do to revitalize these characters without changing too much.  Although on a lighter note if you would like to see a black Batman then check this out. So back onto my original point this new diversity is welcomed by me.

I mentioned earlier that the Green Lanterns are not really superheroes as they are actually more akin to beat cops patrolling their respective sectors of space. With that thought it always made me think about a Green Lanterns Buddy Cop book like Lethal Weapon but with aliens and oddly enough that’s what this comic book is. You have as our main protagonist the thoughtful Jessica Cruz, Earth’s first female lantern and she is partnered with the aggressive and boisterous Simon Baz a Lebanese American Muslim, both these characters are minorities and that’s great but what makes it better is so far they have not devolved into stereotypes which only end up being a mockery of the culture they where created to appeal to, this on the other hand just feels more organic. What they are is not who they are, we are more than our religion or colour of our skin and that’s a really powerful message that I hope people will take away from this comic book.

No hero would be complete without a great villain and this time around the guys are up against the Red Lanterns Corps who are in their own ways tragic villains, sure they are brutal and full of rage but they where all driven to it, giving the lanterns something truly terrifying to fight. We are all full of rage and anger and it can take tremendous courage and will power to hold it back or let it go so I guess Jessica and Simon have their work cut out for them. With a great plot and vivid out of this is world art, this series is for all you geeks and gals who love DC Comics but want something both smaller and bigger all at once.

Green Lanterns #2 is available to buy from today by clicking here or by visiting your local comic book retailer.

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