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Power Up Review


I was somewhere between an 80’s kid and a 90’s kid as I grew up watching great cartoons, also some cartoons that I won’t be so proud to admit about. In the not so proud category you will find Cardcaptors and Sailor Moon, which was your typical magical girl anime. As a kid I was loathe to admit that I liked these series but now that I am an adult, I finally realize it’s totally fine to like series like this.  Now if you know me well enough you will know I am a huge fan of the Bravest Warriors and Adventure Time, two series that are totally out of this world, just a little bizarre and brilliant at the same time and finally I have a love of pop culture. I am a child born of pop culture so the fact that Power Up is a mix of Sailor Moon and Scott Pilgrim, well I had to pick it up and have a read. Especially since Power Up has now been collected together into one single graphic novel, total win!




There have been many prophecies about heroes in literature including Neo from The Matrix being the one or Skywalker who will bring balance to the force and who cant forget Harry Potter, the boy who lived? All these prophecies are about singular heroes so what happens when the prophecy of four noble warriors imbued with incredible cosmic powers doesn’t exactly come true. The universe gets its heroes just not maybe the ones we needed with a lazy unenthusiastic teenage girl, a mother of two, a guy who who failed at being an athlete and a goldfish being given magical girl powers, we may be screwed or who knows maybe our heroes will rise to the challenge and save us all.

PowerUp_TP_PRESS-15This is a beautiful series, it’s just gorgeous to look at with a  very unique and colorful art style that is totally original, a little out there but very much grounded. From start to finish you are sucked into this beautiful and vivid fantasy world that will make you smile and make you laugh, it’s just a fantastic read and I totally recommend it.


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