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Wonder Woman #1 Comic Book Review

When we last left ‘Wonder Woman’, she was in the midst of confronting her own origins, determined to learn the truth behind the lies. This issue, ‘Wonder Woman #1’ continues this central theme, as ‘Wonder Woman’ goes to surprising lengths to find her way home.

Warning: There may be possible spoilers ahead.


The backdrop of this issue is a jungle scene, excellently conveyed by artist Liam Sharp. We see our hero make her way through this dense location whilst being stalked by some, seemingly hostile figures. As fate would have it, ‘Steve Trevor’ is also close to this location, in what seems to be a bid to help rid the locals of their hostile oppressors. 

Tension has been high between these two characters since the formation of the ‘JLA’ as well as the hurt caused by ‘Wonder Woman’s’ relationship with ‘Superman’. I, for one, always enjoyed the chemistry between this unlikely pairing, and therefore hope that this is an indication that we can expect a reunion in the near future.

The narrative flits well between these two characters, and parallels are easily drawn between the two, as we see the mutual determination to carry out their, individual, missions. In Wonder Woman’s case it is revealed that her goal is an extremely unlikely individual, giving a further indication as to the lengths she is willing to go, in order to reach her goal.

Writer Greg Rucka has managed to maintain the interest in this story arc that began with the one-shot prior to this. Here we see a raw and human side to this great Amazonian, as she is clearly distraught in her knowledge that she has, no true indication, as to who she really is.

Alongside this fast paced narrative is Sharp’s detailed and classic drawing style. His attention to detail allows the reader to be transported to this wild and hostile jungle and engrosses them in Wonder Woman’s path of self-discovery.

In all, ‘Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1’ is a compelling read. It is a rare thing to see a vulnerable side to this prolific character, so this issue is a welcome addition to her tale. We are invited to experience the fear and hurt Wonder Woman is undergoing, as she sets out to find her truth, and I, for one, am determined to make this journey of discovery with her.


Score: 8/10

Wonder Woman #1 is available to buy online by clicking here or by visiting your local comic book retailer.

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