Get food delivered to you by UberEats at San Diego Comic-Con International

Those who have been to San Diego Comic-Con International will know that you spend more time in queues than you do anything else including eating. Many attendees tend to eat on the go or make do with snacks as they just don’t have the time to eat in during breakfast, lunch and dinner especially when you are queuing for panels in Hall H. Wouldn’t it easier to simply have a huge choice of meals to choose from and then have it made to order and delivered to you or at least close enough to you that you wouldn’t risk losing your place in line for a panel you’ve already been queuing hours or even all night for? One such solution could be UberEats.


UberEats, launched today in San Diego and the company will tap into its network of more than 12,000 area drivers to pick up and drop off food orders between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. daily. The new food-delivery service is accessible through the UberEats web and mobile application. It is separate from the regular Uber ride-hailing app. UberEats allows users to have made to order meals from full menus of more than 100 local restaurants. You no longer need to walk several blocks to order food, only to have to carry it all back and risk it getting cold.


San Diego marks the 11th U.S. city were UberEats is being offered and signals the company’s continued designs to apply its on-demand logistics engine to industries other than transportation. So it looks like Uber company could be your best friend at San Diego Comic-Con International this year as they will make transportation and ordering meals so much easier and stress free.

“Just as easy as it is to order a car, we hope to make it that easy to order your favourite food,” said Ben Story, general manager for Eats in San Diego. This will also provide San Diego Comic-Con International attendees with the opportunity to sample meals from restaurants they probably would never get a chance to eat from normally as they wouldn’t have the proper time to explore beyond downtown San Diego.

While not as speedy as Uber rider pickups, customers can track their takeout just as they would their rides, watching orders travel en route from the restaurant to their location. Drop-offs will take place curbside, and not at doorsteps, so as to minimize any parking challenges for drivers and speed up delivery times.


It’s not entirely a new concept in San Diego as they have a number of food on demand services including Amazon, which delivers local restaurant fare through its Prime Now service, GrubHub, Seamless, Postmates and DoorDash. However they aim to offer faster delivery times, cheaper delivery costs and their app won’t include a tipping function to compete with the competition.


“We have access to the healthiest supply of driver partners … which allows us to deliver food, on average, faster and more efficiently than anyone else,” Ben Story said. “And we expect to pass that on to people at the lowest price.”

“The magic is that right before the food is done, (the Eats system) automatically requests a car, the car arrives and has instructions for how to pick up the food,” Story said. Here’s hoping this service will allow attendees with more time to enjoy San Diego Comic-Con International and the local cuisine that San Diego provides.

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