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Green Arrow: Rebirth #1(2016) Comic Book Review

Green Arrow: Rebirth #1 has just hit the stands and I am pumped that one of my favourite heroes,Green Arrow, is operating in one of my favourite cities, Seattle I will return someday. Rebirth seems to be using some of my favourite elements from the Green Arrow character, which is his wit and his politics. Without these Green Arrow just becomes a second rate Batman, you know brooding and serious.

Warning: There may be possible spoilers ahead.


Rebirth has tapped into what I loved about the character and they have really brought it into the light. This Oliver Queen is building hospitals and opposed to the current prison system, he is back looking out for the little guy and that’s where he does his best work.

Oliver may be back but he ain’t alone as he teams up with Black Canary and his little sister Emi ,who is a pretty badass archer in her own light. As a team they are trying to protect the most vulnerable of the city, not from any super powered monsters but human slave traders, of course this leads to some ark discoveries. You can find out more by picking up your first issue.

Green Arrow: Rebirth #1 is available to buy from today by clicking here or by visiting your local comic book retailer.

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