X-Men Ultimate Franchise Trailer Review

This has been a franchise with highs and lows that might even rival Star Wars but since the year 2000 we have been going to see their movies. This is a franchise that has covered multiple genres, it has reset itself and recast itself multiple times but we still love it. The guys at Movieclips Trailers have put together this little slice of nostalgia which will make you think about three things –

  1. There is a lot I’ve forgotten about those movies.
  2. I need to rewatch those movies
  3. Hugh Jackman is Bae (That’s right kids I am down with the lingo….I think)

It’s a simple but fun idea which has taken some of the best moments in the franchise and created the ultimate trailer for all the X-Men films. It works so unless you hated the movies I suggest watching this trailer and having a delightful stroll down memory lane.

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