Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) Film Review


Its taken me a few days but after mulling it over I have come to my conclusion on Batman vs Superman. Though this is not the best in a long line of films, this is defiantly not the worst film I’ve ever seen although the fact that I need to say that worries me. Unfortunately going through my friends list on Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media, this is all I saw. To anyone who thinks this is the worst film, there is much worse out there. In the end I enjoyed this film, it may be far from perfect but what it does is something quite bold indeed. In this film alone director Zack Snyder and DC Comics have been forced to do what Marvel did in 5 films which is setting up a massive team.


First off, I just need to say this to all the doubters out there – HA I WAS RIGHT as Ben Affleck was an amazing Batman.  As soon as he was cast I knew he would blow us all away, not only was he a great Batman but Jeremy Irons was a fantastic Alfred. They had fantastic chemistry that helped humanize Batman to the viewers.


This was a new Batman, a broken Batman and an angry one. He is hell bent on his mission and bar the alcohol and brief one night stands nothing will move him off his course. He is cold, logical and ruthless but above all he is good. Many people will complain that the Batman choosing to ally with Superman was stupid but let’s face it, he is a man of logic once everything is laid out for him. He would figure out the only good course of action to take.


Interestingly enough there was some outcry at the casting of Wonder Woman but once fans saw her in full costume they quickly shut up, Gal Gadot was amazing in the role of Wonder Woman and looked like a total bad-ass while doing it, in fact she really puts the boys to shame.


I know there are still some people who would say that she is not a feminist icon because she promotes an unrealistic standard for women but take one look at Henry Cavil and he promotes an  unrealistic standard of beauty for men, so shut up and accept that she kicked a lot of ass.


As a director goes Zack Snyder is brilliant, he creates some of the most visually stunning scenes in modern cinema. Each shot holds 2 or 3 layers that you might not get untill a 2nd or 3rd watch. He knows how to start and end a scene.  The cinematography was brilliant, the special effects where fantastic and the combination of Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL on the music soundtrack was outstanding. I have already uploaded some of the soundtrack to my phone. A few minor shout outs to Tao Okamato and Holly Hunter who portrayed their characters Mercy Graves and Senator Finch respectively.


But not everything was all sunshine and gum drops as there was plenty of things wrong with this film too. First off earlier I mentioned that Snyder can create fantastic scenes filled with a lot of information but he needs someone who can edit this material better, because the film felt so disjointed. Superman and Lex is my next issue, Superman just alienates the viewer to the point where you don’t care if he lives or dies and Lex just seemed bat shit crazy. Superman is supposed to be a demi god while Clark Kent is supposed to be a reflection of humanity, but they came off as distant.

maxresdefault (5)

As for Luthor, I am assuming that maybe Lex was going insane because of certain outside influences, that I will talk about earlier. To me Lex is supposed to be a calm collected and physically intimidating individual,I think Mark Strong, Andrew Scott or Idris Elba would have been better contenders in that role. Jesse Eisenberg is a great actor but I feel he would have been perfect as Toyman, Riddler, Zoom or even a Scarecrow just not a Luthor and some people may disagree with me but that’s just my opinion.


Other things I feel they got wrong, well they breezed over a lot, for instance Kryptonite and the creation of Doomsday (which I’m not going to rant about because that will take too much time).


The killing of Mercy Graves was just wrong, she is Lex’s crutch and the person that keeps him bound to humanity, like Alfred to Batman and also his most loyal follower. To kill her off was just stupid and very unlike Lex. Finally the biggest issue you need way too much intimate DC Comics knowledge to get everything, like Bruce’s dream, the meta-human files and the distance between Gotham and Metropolis. In fact that dream sequence I mentioned should have just been left out all together as it over complicated the plot with something we really don’t need at this point.


As it is Easter having a movie with this many easter eggs seems strangely appropriate, weather it be Perry White mentioning the year 1938 when talking to Clark (the year of the original Action Comics) or the appearance of Anatoli Knyazev the KGBeast, though in a much less threatening form. With Cyborgs brief scene we get to see what I presume is a Mother Box, this will become important later since in Batmans dreams we see Fire Pits, Parademons, a giant Omega and a living Superman, all these things point to Darksied.


Any hardcore Batman fans would have seen the Joker card taped to Batman’s gun and of course the Robin costume from all the trailers, you know the one with the graffiti all over it.


Next up for any Chris Pine fans out there you could have easily spotted his blink and you miss it appearance as Steve Trevor in the Wonder Woman photograph.


Finally for any hardcore Snyder fans will have seen Jeffery Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne and apparently Patrick Wilson voiced the president.


In the end we got a gritty film that deals with the politics and fears of a post 9/11 world meeting meta humans for the first time as opposed to a 1940’s world where maybe we where a little more naive. As films go this was far from perfect but it sets up a lot for the next films which was a bold ask, but let’s hope DC Comics learn that sometimes less is more and maybe you don’t need to make everything so dam bleak and depressing.

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