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Bill and Ted go to Hell (2016) Comic Book Review


Its hard to believe that just over a year ago Bill and Ted came crashing back into my life. With their Most Triumphant Return I was blown away by how excellent (get it) they could be again. The Wyld Stallyns came back with style and 2016 has their return in a new mini series, which sees are intrepid yet bumbling heroes going back to hell.


The boys are back and this time they need to return to hell to go get Death. Of course Hell wants to hold onto Death and has a few tricks up its sleeves, just think back to the 2nd bill and ted movie, creepy rabbit thing, scary dad and terrifying Grandmother. Luckily the boys have some back up from Rufus, Billy the Kid, Joan of Arc and plenty of other characters from the films. So this may seem like a book for the die hard fans but lets face it who doesn’t like seeing Wyld Stallyns kick some ass.


Brian Joines has created this well told story that takes a very zany idea and keeps it zany yet sensible enough to read. As great as this book is its only made better by Bachan’s art, this art is very engrossing and just pulls you in and makes every panel so much better.


Another great reason to get this all subscription covers in this mini-series will feature a unique Wyld Stallyns album cover created by some of the industry’s top talents!

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