10 Reasons To Renew Undateable

Last month Undateable aired its season 3 finale. And what a finale it was! It had a proposal, a stripper, lots of high kicks and…. the Backstreet Boys. But now everybody is wondering if that was that a season or a series finale?


You see, Undateable’s ratings aren’t spectacular which is hardly surprising since it has been placed in the Friday Night Death Slot. They are stable and there was no dip in the finale. In fact, the season 3 finale scored more viewers than its season 3 premiere, as well as topping its first season finale. But in a world where high ratings mean everything that might not be enough to secure Undateable a season 4. Other evidence pointing to it being a series finale include the fact that everything was wrapped up so nicely. Justin finally got the girl of his dreams, Danny grew up (ish), Leslie finally admitted her feelings for Burski, Brett became more confident with his sexuality and Shelly, well Shelly was perfect from the start. It just had such a finality to it, it delivered everything the fans could want or need including Danny’s closing words “Baby Bird”. But as great as the episode was we can’t help feeling that the show has so much more to give and so we’ve crafted 10 reasons why NBC should renew Undateable.


  1. There are so many more stories to tell.

Each of these characters have so many layers that there’s no limit to where you can take them and despite going for 3 years we still have a lot of backstory to learn. Season 4 could give us more insight into the families of the gang, their career ambitions, their exes. Brett, someone who I feel always needs more screen time, could finally get a boyfriend or at least someone that he dates for more than episode. The possibilities are endless.

  1. It’s a-LIVE.

When I first saw the season 2 live episode I knew that there was potential for something great. Then came the announcement that season 3 would consist entirely of live episodes and there was this incredible feeling of excitement. Undateable was going to do what no other scripted comedy on television was doing. It was a risky move; there was a real possibility of failure. But the risk paid off in more ways than we could imagine. It made the characters more real, the jokes funnier and the stories stronger. And when there were mistakes or the actors broke character we laughed even louder.  It made the show completely fresh and also gave it a uniqueness that other comedies just don’t have.

UNDATEABLE -- "A Live Show Walks Into A Bar" Episode 209 -- Pictured: (l-r) Ron Funches as Shelly, Bridgit Mendler as Candace, Bianca Kajlich as Leslie, Brent Morin as Justin, Chris D'Elia as Danny, Ed Sheeran as himself, Rick Glassman as Burski, David Fynn as Brett -- (Photo by: Darren Michaels/NBC/Warner Bros.)

  1. Backstreet’s back alright, and other musical guests.

As a result of the live shows we’ve had some brilliant musical performances. Ed Sheeran kicked it off in Season 2 when he performed Thinking Out Loud and Photograph, and in season 3 we’ve been lucky enough to see the likes of Kodaline, Weezer and Charlie Puth. Sometimes the artists even act in the episode. Who can forget Meghan Trainor flirting with Shelly? The real MVPs of the season were of course the Backstreet Boys who turned up to help Justin propose to Candace and belted out some of their classics which honestly left us wanting to go back to the 90s. Just think who could turn up next season!


  1. Like fine wine it gets better with age.

There’s no doubt that Season 3 has been its best season yet. A lot of that may have to do with the fact that it’s now live but at the same time I feel like the writing and acting have improved since the first season. Don’t get me wrong, I loved that first season, but now there’s a real sense that everybody gets these characters and where their storylines should head. Each episode of season 3 was perfection and I think if given a chance at Season 4 we’d see an even higher standard of television.

  1. The Big Wedding

If season 3 ended with a proposal, then season 4 has to end with a wedding. And think all of the hijinks that will ensue on the way to Justin and Candace’s big day. Justin will almost certainly turn into a groomzilla, Danny will definitely mess up on the best man duties but throw the best bachelor party ever, and Leslie will be the a totally badass, if not slightly drunk, bridesmaid. As for the wedding itself something will no doubt go wrong which will result in hilarity but ultimately it’ll be a completely sweet ending and we’ll all cry. (That might just be me.)

  1. It’s fan friendly.

Another aspect of the live format means that the cast can interact with fans while the show is filming. This year we’ve frequently seen the stars on their phones during scenes. They’ve tweeted pictures, answered questions and have Periscoped a lot. Fans have also been treated to more shots and videos behind the scenes than ever before. All of this means the fans are more involved and thus more engaged with the show.

  1. TV’s Scott Foley and other incredible guest stars.

It’s not just musicians that have made an impact this year, the actors guest starring have been amazing. Whitney Cumming’s Charlotte has provided a worthy opponent and love interest for Danny and it was nice seeing her and Chris D’Elia back on screen together. Scrubs alumni Sarah Chalke and Christa Miller both made an appearance albeit separately. And of course the fantastic Scott Foley returned because well it just wouldn’t have been the same without him. Season 4 could bring a whole host of new talent……and of course Scott Foley.

  1. Channelling Christina Aguilera, it’s a fighter.

Undateable’s first season was not a success in terms of the rating game but it managed to get itself a second season and won a legion of new viewers in the process. As a result, the show landed itself a third season becoming NBC’s only returning comedy show of the 2014-2015 television season. Doing so proved that it was a match for any comedy show out there.

  1. The new Will and Grace.

We whole heartedly agree with Justin that him and Danny are the best on screen duo since Will and Grace. Their chemistry is really what makes the show and watching their relationship grow over 3 years has been a joy. Whether Justin is teaching Danny new words like “insecure” and “intimacy, or Danny is annoying Justin with voiceovers they always keep us laughing. Their sing-offs and dance-offs are particular highlights and we’ll never get sick of seeing them.

  1. It’s one of the best comedy shows on television right now.

There’s a lengthy list of things that makes Undateable a truly fantastic show. The writing is sharp and intelligent. The actors are funny and talented. And the stories are both entertaining and endearing. Not to mention it really does its job as a comedy, making us laugh each week. There’s no other show like it and that’s why we love it.

UNDATEABLE -- Pictured: "Undateable" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBCUniversal)

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