Deadpool (2016) Film Review

With the epic failure of The Wolverine unleashed we thought that was the end of Deadpool on the big screen, or at least Ryan Reyonlds as Deadpool but he proved us wrong in the most spectacular way. Deadpool is what happens when you don’t take things too seriously but still put in all the hard work to make it brilliant.  This film is witty,self aware, over the top, obnoxious, hilarious, thrilling, funny and at times heart warming, the only problem is you’re going to need to see it twice because you will be laughing way too much the whole way through that you’re going to miss some of the jokes.

Reynolds fully embraces the character and is every bit as mental as the maniac is in the comics. Surprisingly though he cuts right to the heart of Deadpool too and manages to balance both halves of the character making him over the top yet grounded, which is nearly impossible. Not only that but he does all this while wearing a full body suit, or under heavy make up which cant be easy, especially if you’re as handsome as he is. Seriously if I looked like that I wouldn’t want to cover my face, moving away from that weird note,he shows us so much emotion with so little to work with which is just impressive.


Though Deadpool was of course the main character of this movie there where plenty of other standout performances too. Morena Baccarin plays one of the most human characters to come out of the Marvel films, sure she is a prostitute and also a waitress ina strip club and by her own admission she is crazy but when things get serious she just gets on with things and actually handles bad situations better than Deadpool. T J Miller plays the always faithful but less than heroic best friend to Deadpool, Weasel and he is just witty and funny in this, playing of Reyonlds perfectly. Leslie Uggams needs so much praise for her role as Blind Al in the film again as she had perfect timing with Ryan Reynolds which is the key to her brilliance and several jokes based on cocaine. Karan Soni had a brief role at the start and end of the film as a taxi driver giving Deadpool a ride, not all super heroes can have a super car ok!


What would a film be without a British Bad guy and this film finds it in the form of Ed Skrien, who is menacing and intimidating in this role, he is such a dick you just want to punch him. Finally the scene thieves for this pciture where Stan Lee in his greatest cameo ever and Brianna Hildebrand as  Negasonic Teenage Warhead, who was just so funny the whole time. Other than this there where a few extra tidbits thrown in for the diehard fans like a came by Deadpools creator in his origin and also Bob, if you don’t know who Bob is then you’re not a hardcore fan, so go get some comics and enjoy the read.


This was Reynolds last call, his last chance to prove that he is the star we all know him to be, he is fully invested in this role, which ironically parallels the Wolverine unleashed film, where he signed up for an unfinished project and had it turned to shit, so the film breaks all the 4th walls in that sense too, though I am unsure if that was intentional or not. I really cannot say anymore without spoiling it for you but if you hated Green Lantern, hated the first Wolverine film, love satire, are sick of blockbusters, love having a good laugh and just want to enjoy a film without over thinking it then this is the film for. From the moment the film begins right till the end you will be laughing your ass off, I promise you. so if you have not seen this film go see it.



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