The Survivalist (2015) Film Review

End of the world films fall into two categories for me either they are just awful and I don’t want to watch them or they are brilliant, terrifying and I don’t want to watch them again for fear of how bleak and brilliant it is all at once. The Survivalist is the later. Set in a time of starvation, a survivalist lives off a small plot of land hidden deep in a forest. When two women seeking food and shelter discover his farm, he finds his existence threatened. In the past I have spoken about films being quiet and this is a very quiet film, the entire screening was silent, no one dared to make a noise. The Survivalist stars the always brilliant Martin McCann. Martin will impress you with how far he goes for this role, he fully commits to the role in a way that makes you think that your right there with him. I warn you both he and the film may shock you with how brutal they can be.

I will be making this a very short review, which is unusual for me, but the reason is, the film is an absolute modern masterpiece. Words will not do this film justice anything I say will not be enough as the film simply needs to be seen to be understood. There are scenes that will have you right on the edge of your seat hoping things don’t turn out a certain way, others will have you terrified for the main character, some will have you looking frozen in disgust at how brutal the world of this film is and others are deeply philosophical by dealing with the nature of man in world without society. (Hopefully I have been vague with my descriptions there.)

When mentioning this film I feel it’s only fair that I speak about Olwen Fouere and Mia Goth playing a mother and daughter duo. These women are hardened veterans of the new world . The two actresses truly bare all in these roles, as much as Martin does in his lead role which really lends itself to the film.


These are not new topics but this is a fresh and wonderful take on the genre. We can’t always spot the world in sheep’s clothing and sometimes the sheep will more than willingly bite. A small film that is quietly epic in its own world, it’s one that won’t disappoint but it’s not for the faint heart. A truly personal watch you will be deeply affected by every minute of this picture.


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