Nerdgeist’s Christmas Wishlist 2015

Christmas is coming.  And here at Nerdgeist we’re feeling particularly festive. As such we thought we’d compile a list of our favourite geeky items from around the web that we’re hoping Santa brings us. Batman, Harry Potter and Star Wars; there’s something for everyone. Here’s hoping you all wake up to some of these treats on Christmas morning.

1.     Sherlock Holmes T-shirt

These very unique t-shirts are created from the text in the book The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle. The company, Litographs, also prints entire books on posters and tote bags. They cover every genre meaning you can get your hands on Pulp Fiction, Outlander or Pride and Prejudice shirts to name but a few. A perfect gift for all the bookworms out there.


Available here:


  1. Quidditch Pong Set

A magical spin on a classic party game, Quidditch Pong combines two of our favourite things – Harry Potter and Beer Pong. The set comes with 3 Quidditch Hoops, 2 Beater Bats and of course, a Golden Snitch Ball. The website even lists spells that each team/house can use to increase their odds of scoring. A guaranteed winner at any party!

Available here:


  1. Batman Mirror

Guaranteed to make you spend even more time looking at your reflection, this Batman logo mirror is the epitome of cool. It’ll look great hanging in your own personal bat cave!

Available here:


  1. Star Wars Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker

Anything Lightsaber themed is brilliant in my opinion but when you get an ice pop at the end it’s just pure genius. The set includes two Luke and two Darth Vader hilts so you can choose whether you’re a Jedi or Sith. For added authenticity they even light up!

Available here:

star wars lightsaber

  1. Game of Thrones Monopoly

Monopoly has taken on many forms over the years: Marvel, The Walking Dead, The Office, etc. but none are as cool as the Game of Thrones version. You can play as your favourite characters as you battle it out for a place on the Iron Throne. But just remember “A Lannister always pays his debts”.

Available here:


  1. The 100 “Select a Leader” Tote Bag

3 fierce warriors on one bag? We’ll take it. Whether you’d choose Bellamy, Clarke or Lexa as your leader this adorable tote bag is a must for The 100 fans. If your favourite character isn’t included then fear not, the designer also has “Select a Delinquent” and “Select a Grounder” t-shirts/tote bags featuring Raven, Lincoln and more.


Available here:


  1. Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise Sushi Set

I never would’ve thought to put Star Trek and Sushi together but the innovative people over at ThinkGeek did and now we have this awesome creation. The wooden base is actually a sushi plate, the warp trails are chopsticks and the saucer is a soy sauce dish. Not only is it super easy to use, it’ll look great in the kitchen. Looks like sushi is heading into the final frontier!

Available here:


  1. Pokeball Bath Bomb

Bath times will be made much more fun with these Pokémon themed bath bombs. There are a variety of different of Pokeballs on offer and each one has their own scent including Blueberry Cobbler and Japanese Cherry Blossom. If that isn’t enough to entice you then you’ll be glad to know that each ball contains a surprise Pokémon inside that will reveals itself once the bomb is dissolved. Each one is handmade and the seller also does Marvel and Doctor Who bath essentials so you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Available here:


  1. Breaking Bad Doormat

Sad that Breaking Bad is over? Us too, which is why we think we need a little Walter White in our lives. This doormat will make a great addition to your home and show your visitors who’s boss. Factor in that it’s made from eco-friendly materials and you have a winning purchase.

Available here:


  1. Slippers From The Shire

It’s Winter so naturally our feet are going to get cold and we’ll need some slippers. But instead of going to your local department store try these Lord of the Rings themed ones. Whether you’re making a journey to Mordor, or just the fridge these Hobbit slippers will be sure to keep your feet warm!

Available here:


So that’s what we’re hoping for this Christmas. What about you? Let us know in the comments below.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Nerdgeist

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