Walt Before Mickey (2015) Film Review


Walt Disney was always a fascinating person, after all he did create the Walt Disney Animation Studios and the theme parks. Walt Before Mickey is a film based on the early life of Walt Disney from when he was a boy in Kansas to when he creates his own animation studio. This film depicts the struggles and failures Walt Disney endured before he managed to become a multi Oscar winning animation powerhouse. The film is also based on the book Walt Before Mickey by Timothy Susanin.


Thomas Ian Nicholas poses a striking resemblance to Walt Disney in this feature film. He brilliantly portrays Walt Disney as someone who was taught by his father to never give up. Here was a guy who even after being evicted out of his rented apartment and studio, when he has lost everything, he still refuses to give up his dream. You’ve got to admire his strong will and determination otherwise we wouldn’t have so many animated classics, including the feature animated film that started it all-Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.


It’s hard to imagine nowadays days what life and the film industry would be like without Disney, we’ve all grown up on Disney films and let’s face it the world and our kids are happier with Disney films. It’s hard not to miss the success of Disney especially when you’ve heard Frozen’s let it go more times then you care to admit and you see Frozen merchandise no matter where you shop.

In the end it was Walt Disney’s passion for great storytelling that contributed to his company’s success early on. This is a must see, especially if you are a Disney fan.

“Walt Before Mickey”, starring American Pie’s Thomas Ian Nicholas and Napoleon Dynamite’s Jon Heder, will be released by Vision Films across North America on DVD and Digital from today on Walt Disney’s birthday, December 5th 2015.


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