I really Squanch Rick and Morty Season 2


Warning-May contain possible spoilers.

The adventures of the brilliant,alcoholic and possible addict Rick are back, along with his oddball grandson. Season 2 picks up after the events of the first season with Rick and his two grandchildren living in a time freeze while they continue to repair all the damage from the party that they had in Risky Business. That’s the episode where Rick and Summer throw a house party that goes wrong with the death of  Abradolf Lincler (Rick’s failed attempt at creating a perfect leader by combining Adolf Hitler’s DNA with Abraham Lincoln’s) and the entire party being briefly trapped in an alternate universe.


The episode ends when the trio are able to usher the party out. With minutes to spare, Beth texts Summer that she and Jerry are just around the corner. Frantic, Morty wakes up Rick and asks for his help. Using a contraption, they freeze time with Beth and Jerry steps away from the front door. The trio clean and repair the house while time is frozen. At the end, with time still frozen, they watch Titanic and unanimously agree how terrible it is.


As it turns out freezing time for six months is not the best idea and chaos ensues with Rick accidentally breaking time, oddly enough the series gives us quite a few great gags that only someone with a certain level of intelligence will get, i.e. gags that reference Schrödinger’s cat and the possibility of a 4th dimension. Though there are still plenty of testicle and gross out jokes, but that’s why I love this show it’s full of ridiculous and absurd jokes but its got plenty of smart ones too. Even the side story is brilliant with Morty’s parents getting Cold Stone Creamery, go there it’s delicious and then trying to save a deers life. And hey this is just the first episode.

Rick and Morty Season 2 took everything up a notch. How can you one up what season 1 gave us? Well let’s see David Bowie references from Jemaine Clement, Rick meeting his ex – a hive mind collective, a flash back episode to things that never happened, an intergalactic music completion that makes X-Factor look like a kids show, micro universes, vampires, mechanical penises, the return of Bird Person and of course my personal favorite tiny Rick.


At its core Rick and Morty is about human bonds, well maybe not human but the bonds between people and how they define and affect us. The obvious relationship is that of Rick and Morty, who the shows creators have revealed are used to represent the right and left sides of the brain, one emotional and one logical, though throughout this season we have seen Rick grow as a person, he has made sacrifices for his family on several occasions. Some of the most heart warming scenes where of Rick doing that very thing. Beyond that we see the relationship between Beth and Jerry go from lows to highs, then back down again. We see how the relationships around people are not only defined by the people in them, but define the people who create them. Weather it be the family bonds, those between blood brothers or even a romance between two men this series covers a lot, showing that there are no boundaries when it comes to who we can love. Of course the other major themes are science fiction and pop culture, the show is over flowing with these themes and my highlight for the entire series was the character of Fart. I’m a huge David Bowie fan and quite a fan of Flight of the Conchords and the character of Fart combines both of these and it remains as one of my favorite episodes.

It needs to be said that the highlight for this season has been some of the best cameos on television.

Tricia Helfer and James Callis as Tammy's parents

Tricia Helfer and James Callis as Tammy’s parents.

Dan Harmon as Bird Person

Dan Harmon as Bird Person.

Werner Herzog managed to make a cameo

Werner Herzog managed to make a cameo.

Stephen Colbert became the 2nd daily show alumni to appear in the series

Stephen Colbert became the 2nd Daily Show alumni to appear in the series.

Veteran acting legend Keith David appears in 2 episodes as the President and Reverse Giraffe

Veteran acting legend Keith David appears in 2 episodes as the President and Reverse Giraffe.

Patton Oswald as this parody of the Borg

Patton Oswald as this parody of the Borg.

Christina Hendrix as Unity

Christina Hendricks as Unity.

Believe me there are so many more that I have not mentioned but this show never fails to impress me with who they can get and in what roles they can fit them into. They don’t just get big names they get talented ones who can bring something special to each role that they play.

Another big draw for this season was the music there was so many great tracks used, they really helped set the tone for each episode.

And my personal favorite:

Some of these will make you laugh, some dance and others cry, it’s a great mix and there are so many more that I probably missed, so I guess you will need to go check the series out for yourself.


In the end this series is brilliant, it’s out there and it pushes the boundaries of what’s acceptable and it’s insane but in the end this series has  a lot of heart. It will make you laugh but at times it’s going to make you think and even be a little sad, it’s story telling at its best, it knows it’s a parody but it does it so well you really can’t help but love it and If you have not watched yet go check it out as you won’t be disappointed.

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