WIRED Cafe at San Diego Comic-Con 2015


Date: 9th July 2015.

Time: 11am to 7pm.

Location: On the rooftop of the Omni Hotel, San Diego.

While attending San Diego Comic Con this year, we will once again have the opportunity to attend Wired Cafe thanks to WIRED Insider and Event Farm. WIRED will host the 8th annual WIRED Café at San Diego Comic-Con International 2015 on Thursday 9th July, 2015. Sadly this year will only be a one day event instead of the usual three day event, however it will end at 7pm instead of 5pm.

The Cafe will be presented by WIRED and is open by invitation only to the press, industry insiders and celebrities. Those lucky enough with an invite will be treated to an open bar, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, lunch, custom engravings by Epilog Laser and getting to try the latest gadgets and technology. There are of course a few surprises lined up so you never know what could happen, I mean they are essentially mixing 3 days of partying into one.

The featured Sponsors & exhibitors at WIRED Café this year include Ben & Jerry’s, Epilog Laser and


Epilog Laser will be offering complimentary custom laser engraving services on iPads, laptops, cell phones, and other tech gadgets for those with access to the café.


Epilog Laser can even engrave detailed photos so you can create the perfect gift with your family photos.


Epilog Laser can engrave on any surface even Torches, they don’t just work on objects with a flat surface so the possibilities is endless.

Selfie sticks may be banned at Comic-Con but I guess they aren’t at #WIREDCafe since it’s one of their sponsors. I suspect the #WIREDCafe twitter feed will be filled with selfie pics and vines with your favourite celebrities partying away on the Omni rooftop or us stuffing our faces with the delicious Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. WIRED Cafe is a great place to unwind from the chaos and stress of Comic-Con.

White Walker & Lazy Sunday Ben & Jerrys at WIRED Cafe 2014.

White Walker & Lazy Sunday Ben & Jerrys at WIRED Cafe 2014.

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