Eimear Noone Presents “Songs of Zelda: A Link to the Celts”

I have a lot of pride when anyone from Ireland does something outstanding or unique, mostly because I’m from this tiny island (20th largest on earth).  So when I found out that the person behind the conducting for several major Blizzard titles you may have heard of: Heroes of The Storm, StarCraft II, Diablo III, Hearth Stone, oh and something known as World of Warcraft, (I’ve been told its quite popular), was from our wee island I felt a swell of pride. Although I feel I should mention that Eimear Noone’s work goes far beyond Blizzard, with other video game based credentials like conducting for the series of 3D music videos which Nintendo filmed during the actual recording sessions for this Zelda game. It’s not just video games, she’s also worked on the Gus Van Sant film ‘Sea of Trees’ and conducted for Gladys Knight. Seriously check her bio out, its very impressive. So boys and girls, why am I telling you all this? Well, Eimear has decided to launch a Kickstarter that combines two things I love, traditional Irish music and the music of Zelda.


Taken from the Kickstarter –

With Zelda being such an important presence in her musical life, Eimear always felt a deep connection to this music.  But in one special moment during the event she created, The Dublin International Game Music Festival (iDIG Music Fest), the reason for that magical connection became crystal clear. Those who attended the 2015 Dublin iDIG Music Fest experienced this magic when the DIT Irish Traditional Music Ensemble took the stage – putting their uniquely Irish twist to our favourite game music themes; especially “The Legend of Zelda.”


The whole combination seems like a match made in heaven and from what I can see I am 100% correct. I am a music fan, I just love music and I love it when someone takes a well-known piece and puts a cultural twist on it. For instance, YouTube has given me Africanised versions of well-known pop songs.  As well as several local radio stations here showcasing Welsh and Irish adaptations of popular tunes. I am a firm believer in these activities. They are a way of keeping a culture alive and relevant in a way that’s open to everyone. So this Kickstarter organised by Eimear Noone is a great way at keeping traditional Irish Culture alive without having to shoehorn it into a modern setting. It just feels very organic and natural, and the end product will just be beautiful.


So if you’re a fan of music, Zelda, or traditional Irish Culture (that doesn’t involve heavy drinking), then this is for you. It’s fun, a little nerdy, unique, interesting and just wonderful, but if you need more incentive I can give it to you. There are plenty of great rewards whether it be digital copies, physical copies, your own engraved conductor baton, hanging out for a day with the production or even getting your own in person lesson in conducting from Eimear herself. This has left me asking the question; do I really need to pay my mortgage this month or can I skip it?

This is a fantastic project and I really hope for all its success and hope our loyal readers will enjoy it too. You can check it out here.


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