From the Comic books to the Small Screen this is where we are at!


It’s March of 2015 and the comic book tv show continues to be progressive and popular. What was once treated as B-List television such as the original Flash and Blade is now considered a prime time staple that all the networks are vying to control. These shows are cash cows and when injected into an expanded universe the possibilities are endless. WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD.



The one that started it all. Arrow follows the adventures of Oliver Queen as he returns home after supposedly living 5 years on an isolated island. All of course is not as it seems, he has returned and is now a vigilante, though not using the alias Green Arrow, though people distinguish him from his side kick by this name.The show had a bumpy first season, I wont lie it was little underwhelming, but the cast really brought their A game from season two on-wards, not only the cast but the writers too, the stories where deeper, the plot lines more intertwined and though the plots could generally be quite dark there was still plenty of light hearted moments.

Though the series took a few major departures from the original plot, it really helped make this ensemble cast gel together. I guess one of my major loves for the series is that Green Arrow has often been compared to Batman, yes they have alot of similarities; Green Arrow is a lot more lighthearted and fun, Oliver isn’t afraid to enjoy himself, though he can be very serious sometimes. One of the most surprising sources of comedy has been Emily Bett Rickards she has a surprisingly great sense of comedy timing. Willa Holland has really grown into her own, her character started out as a victim and she has rose up to be one of the strongest characters in the series, it’s nice that the female protagonists and antagonists are not being over looked.



Now we have our first ever spin off and what an amazing start, it blazed onto our screens and we where not disappointed. I heard a lot of complaints about casting choices, apparently people where not happy with certain casting choices, I wont say who it will just make me rant. This show is a lot more light hearted than its parent series but it can be pretty dark too, it’s more in tone with the comics but I find it very accessible. The cast is superb and we are seeing a lot more super powered beings plus Firestorm, yes he has the best combination of powers including flight, nuclear blasts and an inner monologue provided by veteran actor Victor Garner.

With two of the best antagonists from comics finally appearing, The Reverse Flash and Gorilla Grodd, one a bright yellow sociopath fan boy and the other a talking gorilla, these are not easy bad guys to pull off but  i feel this series will make it work. Also I really need to say this it’s great to see Tom Cavanagh play a villain, if he really is a villain. I’ve been a huge fan of him from series including Ed, Eli Stone and Jack and Bobby, he always plays such nice guys it’s great to see him have a chance to play someone who is a little more devious. On a final note, I have to praise the writers for squeezing in an opportunity for Grant Gustin to remind us that not only is he the scarlet speedster but he can also sing.



One of the strongest contenders this year with a cult following but sadly this series may end up being cancelled, though it has not be confirmed yet. This comic book adaptation is more Supernatural than Superman and I am someone who hopes that NBC keeps this series on the air. The series follows a paranormal investigator whose soul has been dammed to hell now on a quest to do some good, he is cynical and kind of a dick but he is a good man and it makes for some compelling watching.



With this series I really still don’t see a point in it. In its defense it has a lot of potential and an amazing cast, in fact that is my major draw the cast are fantastic. It has been renewed for a second season and I am hoping it was just a rough start where it’s trying to build a good strong foundation, but we will soon see. Though I am a fan of all things Penguin so as long as he stays I will keep watching.

Agents of Shield


Part of the most ambitious multi media concept ever created, Marvel’s Agents of Shield really did kick off with a slow start but once it got underway its really taken off. Captain America 2 was the best thing that could have happened to Agents of Shield, it forced the Whedon led writing staff to make some risky and tough choices, its really paid off especially now that Mocking Bird has now been added to the cast. I’m a huge fan of this super hero and to add a little more female power into the series especially with Sky being revealed to be Daisy Johnson, also known as Quake.

Agent Carter


This was the biggest surprise to me, I thought that this series was going to be a money grab and be more style than substance. I was so wrong this series is the perfect mix of style and substance. It has that old New York feel with some very modern action sequences. Hayley Atwell and James D’Arcy really are showing the world that the UK can kick ass. If you have not seen this series yet I really can not stress that you should take the time to sit back and watch it, less about the super heroes and more about the marvel world in general it’s a unique and wonderful concept.

What the future has guaranteed us and what has yet to be confirmed

Super Girl


When this was announced I was kind of suprised, its not been too long since Smallville, do we realy need this? I’m a fan of the character and a fan of the actress playing her (Melissa Benoist). Though I have heard rumors that Dean Cain will also be appearing in this series which is a nice throw back to the 90s series.



Set in the same universe as Arrow and The Flash, the web series will star Mari McCabe and is going to be a lot more out there compared to its two counterparts, where they are either rooted in reality or science this one is going to be about magic. Vixen, inherits her family’s Tantu Totem, with it she is able to access the power of animals. As Vixen, she fights the evil plaguing the world.


No series has been confirmed but it’s just assumed that this could happen. Maybe even a mini-series, but Ray Palmer and his battle suit, a little more realistic than the power to shrink could maybe get his own series, who knows?

Marvel /Netflix


This is another promising team up with Netflix creating several new shows for Marvel with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and The Defenders, these are all great concepts and one can only hope that Netflix don’t mess this up.

10 years ago TV shows like this would not have been possible but now it’s a different world and people can’t get enough of them, I really hope the quality keeps rising and the missteps are kept to a minimum.

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