The Most Highly Anticipated Drama Films Of 2015

Continuing on from the most highly anticipated comedies of 2015, I thought I’d do a complete 180 and tackle dramas next. Last year there were some incredible dramas including Boyhood, The Theory of Everything and Selma. 2015 looks to be no different and I’ve already seen some trailers for films that look to be Oscar worthy.

Still Alice

Centres on a renowned professor who is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s and the effect that has on her and her family’s life. This film has a lot of buzz surrounding it and looking at the trailer you can see why. It’s already won several major awards including a Golden Globe and Julianne Moore has been nominated for an Oscar as a result of her performance. Fortunately Still Alice has just been released so you can go see it as soon as you’d like.

Release date: 13th February (USA) and 6th March (UK)


A woman who suffers from chronic pain becomes fascinated with Nina, a woman who recently committed suicide, and befriends her husband and son. Another buzzworthy film with many praising Jennifer Anniston’s performance. The film has been described as raw and poignant, and with the very serious subject matter, you may need a tissue to dry your eyes. Cake has just been released in the US and will be available to see in the UK in late February.

Release date: 23rd January (USA) and 20th February (UK)

To Write Love On Her Arms

The movie centres on Renee, who has battled with abuse, addiction and depression throughout her life, and the road to her recovery. It is based on a true story that eventually led to the establishment of the charity To Write Love On Her Arms which helps people dealing with the issues Renee faced. The film looks to be both heartbreaking and inspiring. Although the movie was shown at the Florida Film Festival in 2012, it is only now getting a wide release. Judging from the trailer it looks as if it will be worth the wait.

Release date: March 3 March (USA)

Woman in Gold

Based on the true story of Maria Altman, an elderly Holocaust survivor, who with the help of a young lawyer fights the Austrian government to reclaim a painting of her aunt that was taken from her relatives by the Nazis. With an inspiring story and a very talented cast (Helen Mirren, everyone), Woman in Gold could be one of the best films of 2015.

Release date: 3rd April USA and UK

True Story

Disgraced journalist Michael Finkel agrees to meet Christian Longo, a man accused of murdering his wife and 3 children, and who had hidden under the identity of Finkel. When I first heard James Franco and Jonah Hill were starring in a film together I immediately thought it was a comedy. However True Story is a dark story based on the memoirs of the real life Michael Finkel. Despite being more known for their comedy work Franco and Hill are great dramatic actors, something they prove in the trailer, and I’m sure will give great performances in this sinister tale.

Release date: 10th April (USA) and 5th June (UK)

The Longest Ride

A young couple find hope and inspiration in an elderly man’s story of romance, whilst dealing with problems in their own relationship. Yes it’s another Nicholas Sparks movie which means there will be lots of tears and tragedy. Someone will inevitably die and the ending will be bittersweet. We’ve seen it all before, but it works oh so well. As the old saying goes “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

Release date: 8th April (UK) and 10th April (USA)

The Age of Adaline

At the age of 29, a woman is rendered ageless after an accident. Living a solitary life for decades, she has a chance encounter with a man who reignites her passion for romance and may be worth losing her immortality for. The trailer managed to make the film look both exciting and profound. It has the potential to be a film of real substance and definitely one to make you cry.

Release date: 24th April (USA) and 8th May (UK)

The Walk

Tells the true story of Philippe Petit, who with the help of a band of unlikely recruits, embarks on an illegal wire walk between the two World Trade Center towers. Joseph Gordon Levitt and Ben Kingsley star, something which makes me confident that this film will be a success. A full trailer has yet to be released for The Walk but the teaser trailer is enough to build suspense and excitement.

Release date: 2nd October USA and UK