Foxed! (2013) Short Film Review


Summary: When Emily is kidnapped by foxes and forced to work in the secret underground blue goo mines, she must use her determination to get back home only to uncover the foxes’ secret plan.

Foxed is an award-winning short film directed by James Stewart. Foxed is a visual treat thanks to its use of stereoscopic 3D and stop-motion to create a beautiful animated short film. The opening scene can easily mislead you into thinking this was some kind of horror film with the haunting music, the sound of heart beats and a young girl running away from something or someone? The animation perfectly captures every detail you would feel in such a situation including the sweat running down Emily’s face. Little details like this could easily be overlooked in a live action film but with animation, which in itself is a time consuming process, it only adds to the realism. For that brief span of time, the audience feels that sense of fear and adrenaline rush that Emily feels as she runs and hides from what she is scared of.

In the next scene when Emily looks into a window and tries in vain to say to her mother that she is back, one has to wonder if this is some sort of dream or a nightmare? It’s only when the scene cuts to the mother looking into a mirror that we too, as the viewer, wonder if Emily is just having a bad nightmare…

To find out what happens you can download or view the film on Itunes when it is released on October 14, 2014.

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FOXED! Official site

FOXED! Making of

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