Dominion (2014) TV Series Review (Spoiler Alert)

Dominion has taken a bold stance, one that few series would dare to take and ask a question that would cross few people’s minds – What if God lost his faith in humanity?

For the headlined religious sort the concept may be seen as an abomination, though that to me shows more than a little hubris, while the more hardline atheists out there may just resent the series based on its concept. For everyone else in-between you’re left with a show that seems to take elements of Game of Thrones, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Defiance and Battle Star Galactica. The series has not yet lived up to its full potential but could be brilliant. Dominion follows on from the film Legion which I think I should now sum up.

In Legion the arch angel Michael fell to earth to come protect humanity and save our chosen one, yes I too rolled my eyes at this. The majority of the heavenly host, the lower angels and Arch Angel Gabriel have descended upon earth, specifically this remote desert truck stop to kill an unborn baby (I know totally not cool), Michael now a human helps rally the truck stop to stand their ground against the angels. In the end Michael regains his wings and the baby, his mother and one of the attendees, a young man named Jeep, make their escape.

Dominion is set 25 years after the fall. Humanity is divided, more so than usual. We now find many new distinct cultures have popped up with Las Vegas now a walled city and a dictatorship being ruled by a group of noble families and a very Orwellian number based system has been installed to control the population and keep everyone in line. Think Ancient Rome meets Oceania, with greater sex appeal. We see two sides to the story, the side of the ruling families and that of Jeep’s son, Spoiler Alert; it’s his adopted son, from Legion. Jeep having gone missing at some stage left his son an orphan of the lowest cast, so he is someone who has had to work his way up from nothing.


It’s a world where the rich are very well off, having private servers and living in Las Vegas old hotels, while the poor live off rations. The military rules all, the city is a prison, but it needs to be. We have not seen too much of the current military state yet but some members seem to have an almost celebrity state of existence with one being hailed a hero for his multiple angle kills. We are now in a world where soldiers carry both guns and swords and in what feels like a little nod to the guilty pleasure that is StarShip Troopers, the military have co-ed showers.

As for the casting, what can i say it’s superb. Lets kick it off with Anthony Head, OK he isn’t using his native British Accent, but I think since he portrays one of the antagonist the American accent really suits him, he plays the role of demagogue so well its kinda creepy. His British accent is to easily associated with his more nurturing roles.


Tom Wisdom has the difficult task of not only following on from the Legendary Paul Bettany but also playing the role of Humanity’s protector, he has been about for years starting out in Coronation Street then moving onto bigger things like 300, he plays the often detached but bad ass with pure confidence.


Roxanne McKee (GOT) and Christopher Egan portray our star crossed lovers, one the daughter of the most powerful man in the city the other humanities possible savior, I like them together, they play off each other well, well enough to say hey these two have completely different social backgrounds. Its not the most eclectic cast but their talent is strong.


As for the angels its a little MDK mixed with the last days of Rome, they are the apex predator and we are easy pickings, admittedly we have the knowledge and weapons to fight them off but they are enjoying the fight as it goes on. With Gabriel as their leader and the varied Furies in command they are gong to be a fun enemy for the humans to battle.


It’s been a tough series to judge but I have not lost my faith in it yet, it’s got a lot of potential and I hope it shines through once it gets past all the standard clichés.


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