Edge of Tomorrow (2014) Film Review



I have said this before but I really don’t get all the hate for Tom Cruise. He has made some awesome movies; (Last Samurai, Mission Impossible, Top Gun and Days of Thunder), he has the ability to make fun of himself, he is great to his fans and he is prone to the odd emotional outburst in public, all in all I am a fan. He has made several pretty awesome contributions to the science fiction genre; Minority Report and Oblivion to name two, both of those had a great classic feel about them and I have to say that Edge of Tomorrow has that feel as well. Based on the Japanese light novel ‘ All you need is Kill‘, many people have dubbed the film Ground Hog Day with Mecha. So lets debunk this Ground Hog Day comparison – THERE HAVE BEEN TIME LOOP STORIES SINCE THE 40’S, this one just takes an unusual look at the idea and fires in some pretty awesome special affects.

Usually I would give a more in depth analysis for films like this but I feel this is one that you should really see on your own. Its not 100% perfect but what film is? Tom Cruise is really great in this film; his character goes through several great changes from a sniveling coward, to a know it all, to a complete badass, then love struck, smug, suicidal and even heroic. The idea of being caught in a time loop really proposes a serious moral question – ‘is it us that defines our actions or do our actions define us’?


As for our other lead Emily Blunt plays the part of Full Metal Bitch extremely well. It’s a liberating thing having a female lead that is this formidable and determined. At times you may even hate her but she is relentless in this film yet she manages to have a certain level of tenderness to her that really shines through. On a more shallow level no one else covered in dirt and sweat could make a push up look that sexy. She is a very versatile actress and I was a little taken back to see her as the poster child for a war but she embodies it so well, my hats off to her.

As for the rest of the cast I really need to say I was so pleased to see Brendan Gleeson, yes it was strange seeing an Irish man as the commanding officer of a vast military force but he is such a legend I say go with it. That man plays stubborn so well he is perfect for the role he received.

The special affects where top notch, you really could believe that you where in the battles, even there landing at Normandy it really brought back memerories of the opening to Saving Private Ryan. On that note I should mention that there really is only character development made for the two main stars, that may be annoying to some but it is truly the only way that this film could work. One of my biggest worries was the fact that we may have had to watch the same scenes over and over again but the film really pulled it off so there wasn’t much repeating and even when there was things where either different enough or funny (in a very dark way) that it kept you hooked.


In the end it’s a pretty solid picture and I think if you want some mindless action that takes an interesting look at how the military may develop in the future this film is for you.

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