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Moon (Comic Book Review)



With Belfast Comic Con coming up I felt it best to post a review of Moon, which I picked up at Ireland MCM Comic Con. Dan Thompson and Steve Penfold have really shown us that they are a pair of mad geniuses with this cop series that not only has all the clichés but breaks all the rules. Our quiet man lead was created in a spell gone wrong, quick lesson for you kids never drink and perform ancient magic rituals. Thanks to this odd twist of fate Britain has its greatest defender in the form of Moon, he may not talk much but the guy enjoys a good old coke float and is a wicked aim with a gun.


The art work falls somewhere from overwhelming to engrossing, there is so much with hidden jokes the whole way through it, so the creator tells me, I won’t spoil anything all I will say is grab an issue for yourself. The first issue drags you from a dark night in 12AD all the way up to the modern world and you won’t even notice the change. So to sum up this high velocity slapstick buddy cop series, the moon is now on Earth and during the day fights crime, what’s not to love!

Once again I cannot say too much because I really don’t want to spill anything but this comic was a breath of fresh air and shows that British comic industry can and is still going strong thanks to our independents producing refreshingly brilliant ideas such as this.

Visit Beyond the Bunkers home page to check out what else they have in store. You can also find them at Belfast Comic Con in the Comic Village section.


MCM Belfast Comic Con

7th – 8th June 2014 – Kings Hall Complex, Belfast.


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