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Comic Review: Lou Scannon – The Wolfman of Astrotraz


Two of the pillars of my life are Science Fiction and Comedy. They have met before with success in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Futurama and even Firefly, but more often than not this combination can fall flat on its face and let down its fan base, including myself.


Lou Scannon is a comic book series that hit all the right notes; it’s got action, comedy, sexual innuendo, gutter talk and everything else that someone will need to get away from the main stream media which we are given. This series doesn’t take itself too seriously, its cast include a Loveable rouge and mercenary, sexy alien pilot, a laid back non-human engineer, a set of gun crazy non identical triplets, a useless and ridiculed medical droid rounding out the cast is a bodyguard, who just happens to be a werewolf, of course this isn’t a problem unless there is a full moon, which there always is in space! After reading part one I asked the creators if Lou was in anyway inspired by Malcom Tucker, they assured me that their captain has existed since before Firefly, but if you’re a Firefly fan you’re sure to love Lou Scannon. It sits somewhere between Firefly and Red Dwarf on the spectrum, it’s wacky but it could have the odd serious moment.

The cover art is wonderful, it’s bold and draws you in, the interiors are all Black and White but they are so fluid and clear yet ever so British in their style, it’s a great piece of art. Now if you don’t like a little smut and have a terrible knowledge of pop culture I would advise this; the first issue has K Y jelly jokes and Episode 4 references, so be weary when jumping into it. I loved every page and have read the first issue several times its brilliant and come on how many other series have Werewolves in Space give it a read I promise you that you will enjoy, unless you’re dead inside or a classy kind of person!

For more information you can check out their official website here.

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