Vikings Season 2 Episode 1 Review

Finally its back, the series that originally tied me over till Game of Thrones, which became so much more. History Channel’s Vikings has began airing  its 10 episode second season last Thursday. So far so good, the first episode kicks off with a  pretty awesome fight sequence, the usual shirtless men, screaming, hacking, stabbing, what a way to spend your weekend (see the video below) ! We see are protagonist Ragnar Lodbrok continue his transformation from farmer to viking hero. The first episode is action packed in the beginning which gives way for a pretty dam plot driven episode. This is not a bad thing, they use the first episode from Season Two to wrap up and expand on what happened last year. In Season One we saw; Ragnar’s family grow and then fall apart, his friends die, others barely live, new alliances are made and we even see a little more Norse culture, some great fatherly wisdom and we see a rare vulnerable Ragnar.  All I will say is the scene by the river shows that yes this man is ;a killer but he is also a father a man who loves, he is also very forgiving, of his son and his brother, for what others may see as betrayal, he see’s why they did what they did and only finds forgiveness, it makes him a  great leader and makes his character so great to watch.

From episode two onward’s there is supposed to be a time jump of 5 years, this will be an interesting dynamic.  I wonder where we will see all the other cast members and look forward to seeing what the show has in store for us !


The more I watch this the more I see why Travis Fimmel was cast in the Warcraft movie, if he doesn’t kick ass in it I will be very upset. Also I’m very glad to see the return of Clive Standen (Robin Hood) as the very imposing Rollo, Gustaf Skarsgård (Yes you know the surname well) as the devilishly awesome Floki and fan favorite Katheryn Winnick as the very beautiful and badass wife (soon to be ex) of Ragnar. There have been changes this season with the time jump Ragnar’s son will be played by  Alexander Ludwig, whom many of you will remember as the tribute from District 2 in the Hunger Games, I have only seen one brief appearance of him but he certainly looks the part of Ragnars son.

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