Charlotte OC – Colour My Heart Review

Charlotte OC

This Sheffield born singer, with Irish, Indian and Malawi based roots is relatively unknown now, but in 2014 everyone will know her. If you’re wondering why I can make such a bold statement, it’s because it’s a fact, she is an epic talent. When I say that I mean she is on power with the likes of Adele or Florence and the Machine. If you love really soulful singers who could give some of the Mo-town greats a run for their money then Charlotte OC is for you.


Her EP is a cut back, broody, yet haunting beautiful. Inspired by a trip to one of Berlins most infamous night clubs, the Berghain night club, her current EP, colour my heart will suck you in from the first beat. In a radio 2 interview she described the experience as Hellish but found herself entranced upon hearing Bon Iver lyrics over a beat which helped her come to this sound which drives her EP.

Every time I went to listen to her EP I couldn’t get past its title single, the song was just too good, it sucked me in over and over again. But when I got past track one the repeat happened with each new track, with only 4 songs its taken me 5 days to get through the EP, that’s just how good it is.

If you like what I have said you can download her music here.

We are expecting big things from this young lady and 2014 looks to be her year.

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