Naked and Famous in Belfast Review

HA I knew that title would draw you in……

Apologies in advance we only brought the small camera.


I harped on about it a few months ago but last night it finally happened, I finally got to go see The Naked And Famous again and wow they were just freakin awesome. It was a great crowd, not too many drunks’ just people there to enjoy the music. I have a few shots from the gig and what can I say it really blew me away. The new stuff really went down well with the audience but when they finished with a few of the old classics including young blood, it really got the crowd pumping even the rare appearance of sober singing me appeared. I highly advise anyone who is a fan of great live music to check them out ASAP.


Some bands work really well as a studio band while others know how to work a crowd, the Naked And Famous are both, consistantly putting out great music and engaging and going with the crowd, Alisa has this rare gift as a singer to meet everyone in the crowd with a stare that would have you believe that she is singing to you and you alone. Their energy and humbling attitude make them who they are and this band from New-Zealand have made some of the best music of the 2010’s. From start to finish it was a work of art and once again I urge you to see them if you can, its music you can jump to, sing to, dance to and relax to, what more can you ask for?




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