So you want to play Magic the Gathering? Part 4, Blue

So we are finally onto our next article in the MTG Series, this time we deal with Blue. Blue is the color of science, reason and logic. When Blue looks at the world Blue see’s it with wonder, there is so much to do and there is no time to waste. Blue doesn’t believe in fate or destiny, this cannot be proven and we create our own destiny and shape our own life. To further this philosophy blue has control over as much as it can, Blue specialises in control, this where a Blue deck find its strength, Green may go through a wall, White over it but Blue, will just negate its existence all together.


Blue is the studious book worm, always looking for more answers, always trying to gain more knowledge, but Blue likes to deny that knowledge from others, this is what it means to be Blue. Blue has many forms of control, its best know is the classic Counterspell, which lets you negate an opponent’s ability, this can be very annoying. Other great control abilities exist in these forms –


Returning permanents – your opponent does something you don’t like, well BAM, he has it undone

Card Gain – Blue can gain more cards by tapping a little extra Manna, this is very useful as it’s not a massive sacrifice.

Library destruction – Blue has the ability to reduce what cards you have, this can be very soul destroying.

Change of Control – So what if Green plays a massive monster card and you can’t counter it, oh well instead you will just have to take control of it, it’s yours now.

Blue may not have the fire power that the other color’s have but it makes up for it in its ability to control the game and reduce your opponent’s options.

Thoughts on the Other Color’s


Blue and White both see the need for authority and control and respect each other’s goals for improvement. On occasion Blue can become frustrated with White because it’s to unchanging and worries about peoples opinions to much.


Blue and Black both see the world for what it is, they don’t try and sugar coat anything, they accept what they see. Their major disagreement is that Black is selfish, it would sacrifice to much potential in order to gain just a little more power, this is something Blue cannot abide.


Both Blue and Green want to encourage growth and change, through different methods, they can still find common ground, it’s just a pity that this cannot ever last, Blue views Green as ignorant of to much potential and this is a problem.


This is interesting because though both color’s are opposed they are very similar, Red wants to see everything, Blue wants to Study everything, Red is ever changing, Blue is always looking for new ways to change itself and everything. If only red was not so short sighted or emotional then both would be best friends.


Why should you play blue?

Blue will never have the raw power of Red or Green, but who needs raw power when you have control, seriously look at Batman, he is always in control and always ten steps ahead, well so is blue, therein lies blue greatest strength, you will be coordinated and be able to a monkey wrench in the works of all your opponents plans on a regular basis. You will cause many table flips but it will be worth it.


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