Kick-Ass 2


So I was a huge fan of the original and managed to read the first 2 books, yet I skipped the Hit-Girl book, that was kinda stupid, but yeah this film is more of the same only in a good way.

It’s not following the same stupid formula as before, it takes it to a different level. At the end of Kick Ass we were left with a world full of superheroes, now in the next logical step you have the appearance of the first supervillain. This film has a few very dark moments and deviates from the original plot, for instance the rape scene was taken out and replaced with well a scene that, I won’t say, all I will say is I was happy with the change.

It’s a great film I would say an 8.5 out of 10. Its good fun watch with a continuation of Kick-Ass’s original idea of being against Apathy, so I hope everyone out there enjoys this as much as me and sorry to keep this short, but you know me I hate to give too much away.

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