The Prince of Vengeance

Onward we go with our articles on LBGT themes and characters, taking a diversion away from comic books and into the world of novels, more specifically into the world of A Song of Ice and Fire ( A Game of Thrones), we move, to discuss Prince Oberyn Nymeros Martell, better known as the Red Viper.

Martell, Oberyn

One of the famed Dornish Princes, Oberyn is hot headed, yet calculated, anyone would be half mad to challenge him, hell several people including Tywin Lannister consider him half mad as well. At a young age he is rumoured to have poisoned his blade in a duel with another older nobleman over a women.He seems to be a brilliant and capable man who seeks new challenges, he has served as a mercenary over seas, even founded his own mercenary company, forged 6 links in his Master’s chain, seen much of the known world, had many lovers both women and men, this is a man who has seen is all and yearns for more, a man with an insatiable appetite.


I cant say to much about him without giving away spoilers but he is a deadly man that must be respected and to some up how much of a bad ass this guy is, he actually chooses to the fight The Mountain, a 7ft tall monster of a man, this Prince of Dorne is a true badass. A man that seeks vengeance for the death of his sister and her children, a man that will stop at nothing, so pick up the books and read about him ,you will grow to love him very quickly.


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