8 Underrated Shows on Streaming Services

For the past 10 years streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. have been bringing quality series that audiences across the globe have fallen in love with. Shows like Ted Lasso, Stranger Things and The Boys have captured hearts, high viewing numbers, and esteemed awards. But with so much content out there, it can be easy to miss some truly great shows. So we’ve compiled a list of streaming platforms’ hidden gems that you should add to your watchlists.


What it’s about: In a world where everyone gets a superpower at the age of 18, 25-year-old Jen struggles being the only person she knows who is an ordinary human.

Why you should watch: Simply put, this is British comedy at its finest. It’s weird, it’s wacky, it’s wonderful. Sure it’s got a lot of heart but the real reason to get stuck into this series is its pure absurdity. There’s a character called Jizzlord, an affair with a dead horny king, a dance number at a cat show and one person’s superpower is that he can turn any object into a PDF file. If that doesn’t sell you, I don’t know what will.

Where to stream: Disney Plus

Home Before Dark 

What it’s about: When a young girl moves with her family to the small coastal town her father left behind she unearths a cold case that everyone in town, including her own father, tried hard to bury.

Why you should watch: While some people may be sceptical of a 9-year-old journalist trying to solve a crime lead actress Brooklynn Prince is so incredibly talented, the concept becomes immediately believable and you’ll be rooting for her from the first episode. Despite having such a young character, the show doesn’t stray away from dark storylines and serious issues, whilst also having enough suspense and excitement to keep you on the edge of your seat. Plus, the series really invests in its character development which results in a crime drama that really stands out amongst its peers.

Where to stream: Apple TV

Agent Elvis

What it’s about: A fictionalized version of rock n roll superstar Elvis joins a secret spy programme to fight crime and stop sinister forces that threaten to destroy the country.

Why you should watch: Because it’s Elvis fighting crime – does there need to be another reason? Okay well if you need more… It’s got a fantastic voice cast featuring Matthew McConaughey, Kaitlin Olson, Johnny Knoxville and Don Cheadle. Plus, Priscilla Presley actually plays herself. The animation and writing is top tier. And it’s got a monkey that is addicted to drugs and hookers.

Where to stream: Netflix

Jury Duty

What it’s about: Follows the inner workings of a US jury trial through the eyes of juror Ronald Gladden who is unaware that his jury duty summons was not official, and that everyone in the courtroom aside from him is an actor.

Why you should watch: It’s refreshing and original. Half reality, half mockumentary – it feels like something we haven’t seen before. Creators Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky wrote for The Office and you can definitely feel that influence on the show. The improv nature of the series means it’s highly unpredictable which only serves to heighten the comedy. Also Ronald Gladden might just be the nicest man in the world, and it’s great to see kindness recognised.

Where to stream: Amazon Freeview


What it’s about: After their music is sampled by a young rapper, a one hit wonder girl group from the 90s reform to give their pop star dreams another shot.

Why you should watch: While Peacock may have cancelled the series after 2 seasons, Netflix recognised its brilliance and immediately snapped it up for a third season. The cast including Sara Bareilles, Busy Philipps, Paula Pell and Renée Elise Goldsberry really make the show. Each one of them are excellent in their respective roles. It’s clear the series doesn’t take itself too seriously, in fact a lot of the time it feels like its making fun of the music industry and the celebrity world, which allows for a lot of laughs. Throw in a fair amount of 90s nostalgia and you have a winner. Plus, the songs are really catchy.

Where to stream: Peacock/Netflix

The Sex Lives of College Girls

Chronicles the adventures of four 18-year-old freshmen roommates at college as they balance their studies and personal lives.

Why you should watch: For the way it showcases important issues – disabilities, class differences, coming out, sexual harassment, etc.  It never feels performative or on the nose, it’s just a natural part of these women’s stories. And to balance out all of the serious subject matter, it’s very very funny. The series also might just be one of the most sex positive shows around which is cause to celebrate.

Where to stream: HBO Max


What it’s about: A couple trying to reinvigorate their relationship go on a backpacking trip but accidently stumble into a magical town living in a 1940s musical and learn that they can’t leave until they find true love.

Why you should watch: Surely the synopsis itself is enough to have you hooked? The concept of this show is so unique that in a television landscape saturated with medical dramas and family sitcoms, it really stands out as something different. If you’re a fan of classic musicals, it will have you feeling nostalgic and comforted. If you’re not, it’ll introduce you to a whole new genre. While it does honour musicals, it also pokes fun of the stereotypes which is what makes the series so great. With a fantastic cast and music that will have you singing along, it’s a great parody that will leave you smiling.

Where to stream: Apple TV

Class of 07

What it’s about: During the 10-year reunion of an all-girls school, an apocalyptic tidal wave hits leaving the campus surrounded by water and them stranded. The group has to find a way to survive on the island, while dealing with old high school drama.

Why you should watch: It’s the perfect balance of comedy and drama. It’s the type of show that will have you laughing at the ridiculousness of a character vomiting because they’ve eaten too many seagulls but 5 minutes later will break your heart by showing the trauma someone is going through because of the grooming they experienced at high school. The characters are incredibly well written and acted – and each one of them are so different and interesting that you find yourself wanting more episodes just so you can delve deeper into them. Plus, the season one cliffhanger was jaw dropping and has opened up the show to so much more potential.

Where to stream: Amazon Prime

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